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HubSpot Audit

Smash My Trash

B2B Industry

Who is Smash My Trash?

Smash My Trash provides a mobile waste and dumpster compacting service with more than 160 independently-owned franchises nationwide. Their proprietary Smash Trucks compact waste in open-top dumpsters to reduce commercial waste volume, saving businesses money by reducing the number of dumpster pick-ups needed. 
B2C Industry

Who is Johnny's Backyard?

Johnny's Backyard provides top-quality backyard playsets, sheds, barns, cabins and carports for the San Antonio and surrounding communities. 
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The Challenge

Smash My Trash initially reached out to HIVE for an audit of their HubSpot portal usage and recommendations on leveraging HubSpot features for their specific needs. We performed a HubSpot audit of Smash My Trash’s portal and analyzed their current usage to determine solutions that would bring them the most value from their HubSpot investment.

Smash My Trash manages all of their business through HubSpot, including marketing efforts for each of their franchises. This led to a very complex portal setup. To complicate matters more, Smash My Trash didn't have an experienced HubSpot manager or admin. As a result, their portal wasn't optimized to make use of HubSpot's customizable features. Smash My Trash needed a completely reorganized and optimized portal structure, and it needed to be done without disrupting the day-to-day operations of their 160+ franchise owners. We set two strategic goals for renovating Smash My Trash's HubSpot portal:

  • Create a streamlined HubSpot dashboard with customized permissions.
  • Train all franchisees how to use the new dashboard.

The Solution

In order to reach those goals, we started by creating a single complete dashboard that is filtered by user permissions. We also built out new permission sets and organized HubSpot teams based on individual Smash My Trash franchise locations. This gave franchisees access to the same HubSpot portal but limited their access by locking aspects of the platform that were irrelevant to their day-to-day operations.

With a unified dashboard in place and filtered by standardized permission sets, we moved on to holding training sessions with corporate leadership and creating a collection of training videos to bring franchise owners up to speed on the new dashboard.

The Results

A cohesive custom dashboard for each franchise eliminated the clutter.

HIVE launched the new and improved HubSpot dashboard for Smash My Trash alongside video training and email campaigns to ensure a smooth transition for all users - corporate and franchise owners.

With a new dashboard, all Smash My Trash franchisees had access to their data from a single place. They no longer had to sift through numerous reports that included data centered around each of the franchises and National Accounts. Franchisees can now focus more time on completing sales and finding new customers instead of sifting through the data of multiple franchises.

The portal-specific training videos were a valuable, reusable asset for new and long-time franchise operators of Smash My Trash, relieving the corporate team of the burden of training new employees and franchises.