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Market Like A Human

Order your copy of Dustin Brackett's Market Like A Human: A journey of quality over quantity, authenticity over hype, effort over automation, and trust over everything! Learn the pillars of human-centric marketing to better connect with your audience.


"I was expecting to have a results orientation on ‘Marketing 101’ in a new world of social media and online campaigns for exposure. What I found in “Market like a Human” is a must read for every level of a corporation. Relationships are the key to success in todays ‘instant gratification’ environment and my advise as a CEO and serial entrepreneur is buy a copy for every team member in your hive. These eight principles will impact your results when you have your entire team on the same vibration of these powerful principles."

William Todd
Author of The Mentor In Me


"I just finished the book (I rarely finish any type of self-help book). It is written in a way that keeps your interest. The concepts Dustin talks about are realistic and attainable. Marketing like a human has never been more important. With the tech world exploding with AI technologies, we can't forget that our prospects and customers are humans. I absolutely recommend this book to everyone!"

Lauren Nicole


"Market Like A Human highlights a perspective that all marketing professionals need to keep in mind..we are all human. It uses relatable examples and demonstrates a refreshing approach to how things should be done to be successful. A great read for someone just starting their career, that well seasoned professional and everyone in between. I really enjoyed how well written this book is, the use of humor and personalization keeps your interest all the way through. I found the activities very helpful at the end of each section to apply within you own industry. This book is a must have!!!"

Dawn B


"Still finishing up this book but so far its been super easy to read and I don't want to put it down. So many golden nuggets and great take aways that you can implement into your business. Really has me looking at how I can adjust and "Market like a human" and not just blast my clients with junk and actually care, bring value and serve my clients better with what they WANT and what matters most to THEM!"

Alex Miller


"I purchased a copy of Market Like A Human and found it to be very well written. There is valuable information not only for marketing but also for everyday life."



"Super useful insights for anyone in the digital marketing space. I wouldn't be surprised to see this approach to digital take hold as a leading philosophy in the next few years!"

Em Yarba
It's time to be human again.

About Market Like A Human

Market Like A Human is a journey of quality over quantity, authenticity over hype, effort over automation, and trust over everything.

Today we have turned marketing into a numbers game — the more leads we dump into the top of our funnel, the more likely something will come out the other end, but the cold, hard fact is that consumers don't need us like they once did. They're doing their own research. They're not being sold anymore, instead they're buying. They're finding the businesses and products that they trust that also have the products or services that solve their problems.

We’re sending millions of automated emails to thousands of contacts pushing our value propositions and features hoping that someone, anyone bites. We don’t care about the person receiving those emails. We probably don’t even realize that they’re in the database that we’re blasting. The only thing we care about is more. More contacts, more lists, more clicks, more, more, more.

Where that’s taken us is to an industry that feels sleazy. Marketing is viewed as a profession of tricks, hype, and pushing sales, regardless of what the customer actually needs. It’s become faceless. It’s become annoying, intrusive, untrustworthy, and downright awful.

We have to take a step back. We have to shift back to a focus of quality over quantity, to authenticity over hype, to effort over automation, and to building trust over everything else. We can do better. 

We can do better.

We have to do better.

"Regardless of whether you market B2B or B2C, you're really marketing business to human." 

But that is going to mean buying into the fact that humans respond best when they are treated like humans. They respond best when they trust you. They want transparency. They engage with personality. They demand authenticity. They understand consistency. They want to be helped, not sold. And they want to be part of a larger community. And those are the pillars to marketing like a human.

Are you ready to become a more human marketer? Order Market Like A Human and I’ll share with you how to do just that with activities that you can take back to your organization to start instilling a more human approach immediately.

Let’s take back marketing. Let’s fix the industry. Let’s be better. Because let’s face it, the world needs us to be. Our purpose is good — we, in some form or another, are helping people find solutions to their problems. But we first must establish trust and build human relationships.

Dustin Brackett, CEO, Founder, Speaker + Author

About The Author

Dustin is the Founder and CEO of HIVE Strategy, a Diamond HubSpot Solutions Partner agency, and HIVE Hub, a fractional HubSpot admin service, as well as author of Market Like a Human.

Through his work with his marketing agency, he helps to employ the principles behind Market Like A Human in order to establish his clients as authorities in their industry and, more importantly, trusted resources for their respective audiences. The principles in the book have been developed over the nine years of running HIVE Strategy and have been tested, tried, and repeated over and over again. 

His mission is to educate and support organizational growth through solid strategy and execution while embracing the Market Like A Human philosophy. He believes that as we have all transitioned to a quantity over quality mentality focused on just dumping as many leads into our funnels as we possibly can, we have forgotten that on the other side of our marketing campaigns are humans. We have to get back to treating our prospects, leads, and customers like the humans they are — not just numbers or deals in our database.

"Let’s take back marketing. Let’s fix the industry. Let’s be better. Because let’s face it, the world needs us to be." 

Personally, Dustin lives in the Denver, Colorado area with his beautiful wife Laura, young daughter, Bailey, and two dogs —Arrow (a boxer-pitbull mix) and Kobe (a miniature pincher).

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