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Inbound Marketing Strategy and SEO


B2B Industry

Who is Instakey?

InstaKey is a physical key security organization that provides mechanical locks and key management software to multi-site businesses with a variety of security needs. Their patented hardware prevents unauthorized duplication of keys and allows the user to instantly re-key any level of a master key system without affecting any other level.
Their patented® key management software provides a real-time monitoring system of every individually serial-numbered key, every lock, and every user in the system.

InstaKey by the numbers:

  • Produced 3.5 million+ serialized keys and 723,000+ user-rekeyable lock cylinders
  • Are utilized in 148,000+ locations encompassing over 399,000+ doors
  • Services 800+ clients and manage 82,000+ key holders
B2C Industry

Who is Johnny's Backyard?

Johnny's Backyard provides top-quality backyard playsets, sheds, barns, cabins and carports for the San Antonio and surrounding communities. 
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The Challenge

In 2019, InstaKey was looking for more ways to bring in leads beyond tradeshow participation. They had added HubSpot to their marketing efforts and built a website with the platform, but they wanted to learn more about and take advantage of inbound marketing methodologies.

However, with a marketing team of one, they realized leveraging some support to properly build and scale an inbound prospect pipeline was a necessity. InstaKey reached out to HIVE to help them assess their current state of digital marketing. After completing a growth plan, we set two goals:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Development of keyword-optimized marketing assets

The Solution

A HIVE GrowthPlan made it clear that SEO would be our first priority before any lead magnet assets were created. To reach our goals, we rolled out our work in three phases.

Phase 1 — Develop a robust SEO campaign complete with keyword research, full site on-page optimization, and white-hat SEO tactics.

Phase 2 — Lead magnets, keyword-optimized landing pages, and lead nurture email campaigns were created and implemented.

Phase 3 — Performed more advanced HubSpot SEO, including the creation of topic clusters and SEO recommendations for future marketing efforts.

The Results

A strategic SEO campaign increased organic traffic.

We implemented a comprehensive on-page and content-focused SEO marketing strategy for InstaKey that included consistency of focused keywords, monitoring performance analytics, and making adjustments to the campaign as necessary. By amping up those keywords with topic clusters, blog posts, blog post syndications, landing pages, high-value content pieces, and social posts, the needle moved significantly for them.

The campaign resulted in a dramatic improvement in InstaKey’s SERP rankings: 

    • 162 Google-indexed pages were linked to business critical keywords.
    • 3 keywords that ranked below the top 200 when we began are now on page 1.
    • We captured and maintained the #1 ranking for 3 out of 16 keywords.
    • We captured and maintained page 1 rankings for 9 out of 16 keywords.

Using the results of our GrowthPlan, a solid SEO campaign, and the expertise of the HIVE team, InstaKey crushed their organic traffic goals and their inbound prospect pipeline was overflowing.

Learn more about what a HIVE GrowthPlan can do for your business.