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Founder, CEO, Author + Speaker

Dustin Brackett

Dustin is a marketing executive, agency owner, and author focused on educating on the power of incorporating humanity in marketing and sales.

CEO, Founder, Author + Speaker

About Dustin Brackett

Dustin is the CEO and Founder of HIVE Strategy and HIVE Hub and Author of Market Like A Human. He leads engaging and educational sessions and keynotes focused on digital marketing, marketing strategy, inbound marketing, and entrepreneurship through a philosophy of marketing and selling like a human.

His mission is to educate and support organizational growth through solid strategy and execution while embracing the Market Like A Human philosophy. He believes that as we have all transitioned to a remote workforce and embraced technology, we have forgotten that on the other side of our marketing campaigns are humans. We have to get back to treating our prospects, leads, and customers like the humans they are — not just names or deals in our database.

"Regardless of whether you market B2B or B2C, you're really marketing business to human." 

Personally, Dustin is married to his beautiful wife Laura, has a young daughter, Bailey, and two dogs —Arrow (a boxer-pitbull mix) and Kobe (a miniature pincher). Dustin was a semi-professional football player for 10 years in the Colorado Football Conference making the All-Star team three times.


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How many times have you thought about your marketing or sales efforts and focused on the quantity of leads? It happens in almost every organization. "Filling the funnel" and "increasing our leads" are common goals amongst almost every organization. That focus turns our goals into a numbers game where more equals better, but is that really how we should be approaching marketing and sales today?


With all of the transition that has happened since 2020, we have all moved to a more digital and far less human approach to our marketing efforts. We've become extremely reliant on technology, automation, and increasing the volume of output in order to reach our quantity-focused goals. Focusing on quantity has caused us to treat consumers like numbers, eliminating a sense of connection.


In order to win today, businesses need to make the shift to treat prospects, leads, and customers like humans. Regardless of whether you market B2B or B2C, you're really marketing business to human. Through Market Like A Human, you will learn ways to incorporate a more human-centric approach in your marketing campaigns to better develop trust, create rapport, and establish authority. The Market Like A Human pillars include:

  • Transparency
  • Personality
  • Authenticity
  • Consistency
  • Being Helpful
  • Community

These pillars are vital to truly connecting with your audience, running effective marketing campaigns, and closing deals. While technology and automation are great tools, we have to do more and be better in our marketing to truly connect with our audience. Our consumers don't just want it, they expect it.



The way that we think about website design and development is broken. We build websites to the preferences of the business leaders and/or the website developer - instead of our customers. On top of that, the typical website project ends up being three weeks late and far over budget. Through this talk attendees will learn:


  • The Growth Driven Design philosophy
  • How you can launch a new website in 60 days and improve it every single month
  • How to create a better user experience
  • Tools to gather better user data
  • A process to create a website that scales


Digital marketing sales aren't won by accident. All the sales power has shifted to the consumer because they can do their own research online. In fact, 57% of the sales process is complete before the average consumer reaches out to a company. In order to reach the right prospects at the right time through the right medium, you need a strategy. Through this talk attendees will learn:


  • How to audit current marketing assets
  • Ways to spy on competitors' marketing campaigns
  • Tips to develop effective target personas
  • How to create a content plan
  • Ways to create and fulfill an execution plan


Consumers don't need sales pitches. They get it - you have a product or service for sale that you want them to buy. That doesn't move the needle for them. And it is no longer about having a better widget or customer service. The companies that win do so through educating their prospects and customers. They hold nothing back, pull back the curtain, and are completely transparent in their processes and knowledge. Through this talk attendees will learn:


  • Why your sales pitch falls on deaf ears
  • How to shift to an educational approach
  • Ways to determine what your audience cares about
  • Why it's ok to pull back the curtain and share your knowledge - for free


There are a lot of questions, misconceptions, and myths out there about digital marketing, marketing strategy, website development, advertising, content marketing, and more. With over 15 years of experience developing winning strategies through all of these tactics, Dustin is an open book willing to lend his expertise and experience to support your digital strategy questions. Dustin doesn't believe in holding back secrets or tips that have worked in the past for clients and his own businesses. Ask anything, he'll answer.

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